Community Land Trust supports fingerpost repairs

Fingerpost near Shave Cross

At the annual general meeting of Marshwood Community Land Trust, David Hitchcock, the chairman, summed up their successful campaign to bring affordable homes to the community with a list of problems solved and faults found. Only one problem remained – what to do with the CLT’s ground rent.

No one wanted to gift our hard earned funds to the taxman so the money has to be spent during this financial year. Just for once it seemed that here was a source of money looking for a worthy application.

All the usual reports and re-elections were quickly dealt with, and the committee moved onto the meat course – what to do with the available funds.

Fingerpost signs to be costed

Top of the list was the dreadful state of the parishes’ signs especially the traditional fingerposts. It was widely felt that this project has languished for far too long and there were many comments on the kind of improvements that were being recommended. 

It rapidly became clear that with other councils setting up sub-committees overall co-ordination would be required. The members decided that they would support the refurbishment of the worst three fingerpost signs, subject to the work being costed. 

An alternative improvement for our community would be to create a kitchen and toilet facilities at Marshwood church.  The nave of St Mary’s is already time-shared between the school, who occupy it on weekdays, and the congregation (Sundays).

PCC to be consulted

 This is to the obvious benefit of both parties and the school has on occasion provided toilets and even meals. More permanent provision of such facilities would be very welcome but set against this proposal is the overall concern for the whole building as voiced by CLT membership. The committee decided to consult the parochial church council for further guidance.

Defibrillator considered

The provision of a further defibrillator for the Vale was another topic for discussion along with possible sites. A proposal emerged to repurpose old phone boxes, which takes advantage of the fact these are connected to mains power and uses this to maintain the charge of the defibrillator’s batteries.

Support for first aid training was also discussed, as was training in the use of the defibrillator. This AGM disappointed only in the numbers present, but the committee and CLT members who attended made up for this with the range and quality of ideas set out for consideration.

Ali Cameron

CLT directors re-elected

At the annual general meeting held in October, Charles Somers and David Hitchcock were re-elected as directors. The treasurer gave an up-to-date account of the trust’s finances and discussion followed as how best to spend the money the CLT has before the accounting year end.

Meeting with church

As CLT Chairman, I have organised a meeting at the Church with Rev. Stephen Skinner, the Headmaster and the Chairwoman of the School Governors, together with the Church Warden and the Salisbury Diocese Architect to see if the idea was feasible. The discussions were very positive and we await some idea of the cost involved from the architect.

David Hitchcock