Parish council meetings December & February

Upper Marshwood Vale Parish Council

Council meeting 15th December 2016: Parishes get a minimal increase on the precept.

Your chairman, Matthew Bowditch began by asking the clerk, John Vanderwolfe, to talk about his suggested budget. This held no surprises although it had been expanded to give a better picture of what is happening. For example the improved income from advertising in Beneath the Vale is now shown more fully.

These figures result in a 48p increase for houses in council tax band D. They will go up to £30.24 from £29.76. Councillors voted to adopt the budget before moving on to planning, which turned out to be very straightforward.

Two applications to fell a tree, and others to allow the siting of rubbish skip, provision of dairy cow accommodation and extra storage at Pilsdon Dairy Farm were proposed. Councillors agreed to recommend acceptance of each application.

As part of planning, the future of Marshwood village’s unused telephone kiosk was briefly considered, but was put on the agenda for future meetings to allow new ideas to come forward. 

You can view the full budget figures on page eight of the magazine’s PDF – click here to download.

Parish Council: February

Councillors met brie y at Shave Cross on 16 February. The main item on the agenda was a new application for outline planning consent to build two detached houses on land at Bottle Lane in Marshwood.

Councillors agreed there was no substantial di erence between this application and a previous one, which had been rejected by planners. Parish council clerk, John Vanderwolfe, said that the land was outside any agreed development area. Councillors were unanimous in recommending refusal for the latest application. West Dorset District Council subsequently refused the application on 22 February.