Seventy years of the Shave Cross Mini Marathon

‘On a Saturday night in June 1947 some local men felt in a contemplative mood after a few drinks at the Shave Cross Inn. They started taking bets as to who could run the fastest. The mood became infectious and the running went on until 2am … People living nearby wondered what was going on as the still peaceful night was disturbed by a constant “Are you ready – Go” … clobber, clobber, clobber (from the hobnailed boots).’ (Taken from Dorset’s Western Vale by Sylvia Creed-Castle.)

From this midnight race meeting was born the Shave Cross Sports, which included a ‘marathon’ of four and three-tenths of a mile.

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Parish council meetings December & February

Council meeting 15th December 2016: Parishes get a minimal increase on the precept.

Your chairman, Matthew Bowditch began by asking the clerk, John Vanderwolfe, to talk about his suggested budget. This held no surprises although it had been expanded to give a better picture of what is happening.

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