Open meeting discusses future of St Mary’s Church

More than 30 people gave up their Saturday morning to attend an open meeting to discuss the future of St Mary’s in Stoke Abbott. 

Team Rector of the benefice, the Rev. David Baldwin, set the scenario clearly enough: almost all rural churches nationwide are suffering a loss of their congregations as the young desert their villages.  Read more

Rural bus service updates

Routes 688 and 14 Thorncombe/Marshwood to Chard/Axminster, every Thursday

Once again, passenger numbers on these routes continue to be good to very good. Most weeks we are normally seeing between 75% and 90% loading, (and on occasion even 100%). 

There has, however been the odd week where passenger numbers have been at 50%-60%, but then they recover back to normal levels the following week. Read more

Bottle Lane houses rejected

The unpopular application submitted on behalf of Mr and Mrs Mears to build two 4-bedroom houses wedged into the field next to Bottle Lane has been refused by the appeals inspector, Andy Harwood, as was expected.

Since the Mears’ plans show this blocks off most of Bottle Lane, the centuries old access to Colmers farm, this was never likely to succeed although the planned spacing of the houses were not deemed a problem as many had thought.Read more

Should the CLT fund fingerpost repairs?

Since the affordable houses were finished, all manner of subjects find their way onto the CLT table.

At a recent meeting of the CLT Board a number of these issues were discussed. We had a reply to our letter to Dorset County Council Highways department about traffic calming on the B3165 to help children walking to and from Marshwood School.Read more

Rural bus service autumn update

Route 688, Thorncombe to Axminster, every Thursday

It is now confirmed that the subsidy from Devon County Council will continue for this service until the end of March 2017. This will enable the 688 to run unchanged until this date. We are hopeful that the subsidy will continue beyond March 2017.Read more

Will Cumberbatch be filming here?

Next year the place on many people’s lips should be the Marshwood Vale, says Ali Cameron. For Rogue Male, the classic thriller written by Geoffrey Household, should by rights be coming to a location near you.

The unnamed hero is first observed as he aims his sports rifle at an unknown foreign leader relaxing at his country estate.Read more