Business is a key aspect of our Neighbourhood Plan; for without new business and the jobs that go with it, there will be few of the young who will stay with or return to a moribund community.

Far from becoming just a home for the elderly, Upper Marshwood Vale is a fantastic place to live, have children, bring up a family and then…

..well what happens next?

It is true that so many of our young people leave the area to go on to further education, but how many are prepared to come back to the Vale to live, thrive and prosper? What is needed is a wide choice of lively local businesses ready and willing to employ them.

Our main industry hereabouts is either agriculture or, sadly, local government. Yet as a community we have all the natural skills in our young folk given by the education provided in our schools – helped a great deal by Dorset ’s inherent inquisitive nature – to take full advantage of a wide variety of job opportunities.

As an example there exists along our coast roads a number of automotive engineering enterprises, based in small factories making replica vehicles, manufacturing unique sports cars or even becoming world leaders in a small, specialised car equipment market. For whatever reasons this has come about these companies do provide small, friendly and skilled employment. Unlike the seriously big boys of the car industry such as Nissan or Honda, these all enjoy a niche market far better suited to our small and friendly communities.

So in this aspect of our Neighbourhood Plan what we are trying to achieve is the start of something small – but which can and should grow larger.  We need your business to be built here.

Many entrepreneurs could start as a one-person-band in a spare room at your home but hopefully this will grow as your business expands. Others will need space to create – a workshop, or space to store your products – maybe a shop, or space to operate and take visitors.All would need premises to be secure, warm, dry, comfortable, accessible, and low cost. The business group will be looking for ways and means of helping budding young entrepreneurs – of all ages. All we need now is your own ideas for your own business.

As the name indicates the Neighbourhood Plan starts by getting the right kind of planning consents needed for small often innovative projects off the ground. But in business other factors deserve our support. Finance is often a problem for start-ups. Although not on the Business Groups main agenda, we understand this need and may be able to help with advice. Even more important is the long-term personal support for such projects and the people concerned.

Your Neighbourhood Plan Business Group will seek to become the first point of contact – and a good friend – to all entrepreneurs who want to set up their new business in Upper Marshwood Vale or sufficiently close to make no difference.

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