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Marshwood Village has a small Church-aided primary school with around sixty pupils split into three classes. The catchment area is large reaching to Blackdown and Whitchurch Canonicorum with children being transported in by bus from the more distant locations. The school offers a wide range of learning experiences for children both inside and outside of the classroom where they learn about nature by exploring our beautiful countryside. The sea can be spotted from the playground along with impressive views of Marshwood Vale.




Upper Marshwood Vale offers a paradise for walkers and cyclists, so many foot paths to explore around the area. Lamberts Castle is very popular with dog owners and for families offering wide open spaces and incredible views again to the sea and open countryside.


Pilsdon Pen, the highest point in Dorset, a hill not for the faint hearted but from the top a real breath taking vantage point.


Stoke Abbott, a conservation area due to the special architectural and historical interest.


Public Houses


We have The Shaves Cross located in the middle of the Vale this beautiful building boast luxury accommodation and a mixture of British and Caribbean cuisine; the New Inn in Stoke Abbot, right in the heart of the village and conservation area, which provides a charming setting for a relaxing drink or meal; and The Bottle Inn in Marshwood, a traditional old thatched pub, offering a vast range of ever changing Ales and Ciders, and which has won several CAMRA awards.

3 thoughts on “Education / Leisure”

  1. the school is an academy and as such will exist or close according the finances of the academy. It is also full. NP will not be able to influence the running of the facility and it’s not the responsibility of the residents of the vale to provide safe parking. that’s something the local authority should have sorted out long ago and is now incumbent on the academy to resolve

    pubs are businesses and flourish or fail on customers using them. NP cannot support pubs financially. if the are not going concerns the business fails. yes there are consequences but people vote with their feet and wallets. The bottle for instance is in the wrong place for residents to walk to – far out of the village and dangerous road to walk along. NP could look at foot way for pedestrians?

  2. I am a Foundation Governor of Marshwood CE Primary Academy.

    Though living in Lyme Regis I visit the school fairly frequently and drive through the village more often. I miss the shop, which was useful when passing through.

    I am very supportive of paragraph 3.13 of Policy UMV4, which I consider would benefit school and church particularly, and also the village as a whole.

    I am neither qualified nor entitled to comment on other elements of the Plan.

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